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Our court is the one & only in Australia

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Tennis Spot

Tennis spot’s cutting-edge AI technology brings the authentic tennis practice environment right to you. No matter the weather or availability of a hitting partner, Tennis Spot guarantees you can enjoy the sport anytime. With our advanced simulators and outdoor courts, we offer customised lessons that cater to your individual needs. Our tailored training modes provide personalized coaching, ensuring you reach your full potential on the court. 

At Tennis Spot, we are not just a tennis facility, but a movement to create a new tennis culture.

Our aim is to make exercise enjoyable and accessible to all, allowing more people to embrace the sport.

in Australia

Tried this yesterday with my wife (learning) and two kids (7 and 4). Lots of fun and easy to use/ adjust. Can deliver any easy ball to the kids, and even though they’re used to the softer ‘red’ ball, they still enjoyed it thoroughly. A great supplement to on-court tennis, particularly if you’re trying to drill-in adjustments to swing (bring your rei phone). It can deliver a pretty fast ball (I had to test out the speed al) so don’t turn your back on it for too long without hitting pause. Will definitely be giving this another go.

Thanks guys

Wally Masur

Now a leading Fox Sports & Stan Tennis commentator, here he is pictured with 9yo Viola Li who is one of New South Wales top juniors at Tennis Spot on Saturday 9th December.

Wally was no.15 in the world and reached the semi-finals of both the Australian and US Open Grand Slams.  

Wally was pleased that our simulators encourage the improvement of Tennis technique.

He played on court no 1 hitting Forehand and Backhand drives for 10 minutes and said he got a great sweat up and that was plenty enough for a shopping visit to Spotlight!

I recently had the opportunity to play on one of the new digital tennis courts, and it was an absolute game-changer. The experience was unlike anything I’ve ever encountered in tennis. The digital screen was incredibly responsive, providing just the right amount of info to keep me engaged and not get distracted. The required force for the game felt really good like a real court. Very interesting experience.

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